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9025TR Platform Solution

9025TR – High I/O Mass InterConnect Solution with Platform

Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) has just developed the 9025TR, a combination of their G12 and 9025 Mass InterConnect Solutions. The 9025TR has over twice the I/O as the G12 and is outfitted with the same 20 inch platform to support your enclosure while engaging and disengaging. The front-mount ITA is user-friendly, allowing the enclosure or fixture to be fastened from the mating side. 

The docking feature of the 9025TR provides an easy way of guiding a fixture into position prior to engagement. Runners along the platform provide a smooth-sliding action, ideal when using fixtures up to 180 pounds.

The 9025TR can be adapted to accommodate vacuum or mechanical fixturing. VPC modules can be intermixed to establish flexible custom interfaces which are ideal for functional and system testing applications. The 9025TR uses all standard modules and contacts, includes a microswitch and is available with optional table legs and keyboard tray kit.

9025TR Platform Solution