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Micro Series Contact Technology

Micro Series Contacts – Higher Density without Sacrificing Performance

VPC has released a new Micro Series of contacts for the Test and Measurement Industry. The Micro Series, including both Power and Coaxial contacts, provides higher density per module position, saving valuable space and increasing the ability to expand in the future without sacrificing performance.

VPC offers 50 and 75 Ohm Micro Coaxial contacts, which can perform at a higher frequency, up to 3 GHz. The Micro Power contacts are rated to 22 Amps continuous when using 12 AWG wire, with a 10,000 cycle life. The Micro Series offers crimp style contacts which enable quicker assembly. The contacts have stabilizing features included: collars for stability and accuracy and contact alignment within the module.

One module can accept 50 and 75 Ohm Coaxial contacts with the ability to mix with Micro Power contacts. VPC also provides Hybrid Micro modules that accept Signal contacts, allowing even greater combinations of contact types in one module. Currently, VPC offers three different size modules for use with the Micro Series. Both the 50 and 120 position standard modules can be used with VPC’s complete line of Mass InterConnect solutions from 2 to 75 module positions. Also, VPC recently released the new iCon which allows two modules of varying I/O configurations.

Contact pre-alignment allows VPC to guarantee 10,000 cycles without contact failure. The Micro Series contacts are extended on the wiring side with a larger diameter collar with minimal clearance between module and contact, allowing a self-centering feature that reduces contact wear and increases cycle life.

Contacts are sold individually or can be purchased in a patchcord configuration. Standard
patchcords are single-ended and are offered with a variety of wire with standard lengths. For
variations, VPC has created an on line web tool, the Patchcord Designer, that allows you to add industry standard contacts and vary the length depending on your application (vpc.com/patchcorddesigner). The Patchcord Designer not only allows you to design your Patchcord, but will also provide a PDF drawing with a parts list.

Micro Power Contact Technology

Micro Coax Contact Technology