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SIM QuadraPaddle

SIM QuadraPaddle - A Snap-In-Modular Solution

(Waynesboro, Virginia - January 7, 2016)

Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) announces its Snap-In-Modular (SIM) insert technology. The new SIM technology is a proprietary latching insert that is compatible with 90 Series SIM modules and i2 MX connectors.

The SIM insert gets its name from its side latches that “snap” into place within the SIM module. The inserts also feature extraction cavities to conveniently remove or replace contacts. The insert can withstand a mating force of six ounces and has a cycle life of 20,000 mating cycles.

The SIM QuadraPaddle is a lower speed signal alternative contact that can be paired with SIM VTAC HSD in compatible modules. The ability to use signal and high speed contacts further lends to the i2 MX’s flexibility and scalability.

SIM QuadraPaddle