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STAR Supplier Award

Rich Gorman (Lockheed Martin) presents Jeff Stowers (President of VPC) with the STAR Supplier Award.

Star AwardVirginia Panel Corporation received the Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award. This distinguished award is presented to Lockheed suppliers whose performance excels in the areas of quality, delivery, affordability, and management.

Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training, and Support Division in Orlando, FL nominated VPC to the Lockheed Martin Corporation as a candidate for the STAR Supplier Award. After all report cards were returned from the divisions of Lockheed Martin that we supply, our rating was 100% quality and 99.99% delivery.

According to Joe Layton and Rich Gorman, who presented this award for Lockheed Martin, this is the highest rating of any report card they have ever seen.

As a recipient of this award, VPC is now listed as a STAR Supplier. When the various divisions of Lockheed Martin search to buy a certain product, the first thing they do is look at their database to determine if a supplier of the product is a STAR supplier. With this award, the different divisions of Lockheed Martin will recognize us as one of their top supplier partners and our STAR Supplier status will increase future opportunities for partnering.

Lockheed Martin states “this level of quality and delivery is due to first a sound leadership team and secondly the commitment of the entire organization to produce a quality product on time.” Lockheed Martin has approximately 70,000 suppliers with only 63 of them receiving the STAR Supplier award. We are also one of only five STAR Suppliers for the Simulation, Training, and Support Division.