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New i2 MX Solution

i2 MX – Scalable...Configurable...Modular

(Waynesboro, Virginia - June 4, 2015)

The new i2 MX was designed with the engineer in mind as it now offers more contact options than the standard i2, which means more flexibility to choose multiple inserts including: Micro & Mini Power and Coax, QuadraPaddle, TriPaddle, and VTAC HSD.

The i2 MX builds upon the success of the popular i2 Micro iCon, offering a configurable connector in the same 0.8" footprint. Combined with its slimmer, metal engagement knob and its oblong cable exit, the i2 MX provides maximum cable bundle clearance and improved stackability.

The i2 MX's also boasts a removable, all-metal backshell to provide ample access to complete trouble-shooting and maintenance procedures. The backshell and cable exit are designed with EMI-shielding to minimize interference and protect signal integrity.

VPC holds its manufacturing solutions to the highest quality standards and has engineered the i2 MX for over 10,000 mating cycles. VPC is the global leader in the test and measurement industry and takes pride in meeting the market's current and future needs.

i2 MX Solution