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i2 Micro iCon

i2 Micro iCon - Quality... Versatility... More than a Connector

(Waynesboro, Virginia ­— June 18, 2010) i2 Micro iCon is the newest member of VPC’s iCon connector family. VPC developed the low I/O 168 signal pin connector to serve as a drop-in replacement for 156 pin ZIF connectors. Due to its rugged capabilities, i2 has been designed into a US Military program with over 1000 units. i2 offers a solid state, onei2 Micro iCon piece module receiver in each connector, making it the perfect solution for low I/O applications in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications. i2’s 0.8” footprint enables horizontal stackability and the 30 degree angled cable exit reduces the height required by the connector, minimizing the vertical space between connectors in a multi-connector panel layout. i2’s engaging mechanism integrates spring locking tabs that fasten over the latching post for secure engagement. The use of VPC’s QuadraPaddle® signal contact technology in a standard crimp or twin female configuration allows multiple options. VPC’s new 84 pin right-angle header enables direct connection from the i2 receiver to a PCB using solderless compliant pins for easy installation. The solution is manufactured to the high quality standards that VPC holds for all of its products.

i2 Micro iCon Connector Solution