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VPC Awards Plaques for Three New Design Patents

(Waynesboro, Virginia—5/19/16) Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) awards plaques for three design patents to five of its engineers: Randy Garman, Darryl Ashby, Randall Herron, Chris Church, and Lucas Harman. The designs come from VPC’s Product Development Team and Product Design Team, which research and develop concepts for technology improvements and future products for the company.

The patents include designs for the i1, i2 Micro iCon, and VTAC High Speed Data (HSD), which belong to VPC’s iSeries and SIM product lines. These product lines accommodate low I/O in small test connectors.
“I’m incredibly proud of our team. Today, it is very difficult to be granted a patent, so it’s even more of an honor to have our design patents reviewed and granted,” said David Rocker, Vice President of Engineering.

“Receipt of patents for product design just shows that VPC is both innovative and the best at developing new products for our industry. I personally and professionally receive these plaques with a great sense of accomplishment,” said Randall Herron from the Product Development Team.

The design patents are in effect for 15 years and help to recoup incurred costs from research and development. The patents are publically accessible on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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