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310113303 - Product Details

Product Summary
Adapter Kits and hardware are used for mounting the Double Tier VXI Receiver (P/N 310 104 248) to the Mainframe. As an added service, PLEASE NOTE: VPC will mount the Receiver and Flanges to a customer supplied chassis at no additional cost. Otherwise, an Alignment Jig (P/N 411 101 125) is required to properly mount a VXI Receiver and Flanges to a VXI Chassis. These jigs are available for purchase, or VPC will make loaner units available.

Part Number Description
310113303 Adapter Kit for Tektronix VX1410A, VX1401A and VX1420A used with Double Tier Receiver
Accessories and Related Products
310104248 Receiver, 9050, 50 Module, VXI and Discrete Wiring, Double Tier
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