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310113455 - Product Details

Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodize

Product Summary
The new G10 Adapter for Adlink’s Portable Instrument Chassis allows you to maintain portability by integrating the VPC G10 solution and Adlink’s PXIS-2680P. The adapter provides a mounting surface for the G10 Receiver and a housing to protect the wiring between the PXI and CompactPCI modules and the VPC Receiver. This solution has a removable rear panel for wiring and instrument card access. The G10 Adapter provides the opportunity to bring the Mass InterConnect from a stationary rack to the Portable Chassis. VPC and Adlink work together to provide a creative solution for portable bench to bench testing.
Part Number Description
310113455 G10 Adapter to ADLINK PXIS-2680P
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