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310130102 - Product Details

Weight .22 lbs [.1 Kg] without protective cover
Frame Material Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic
Hardware Material Stainless Steel Alloy
Contact Positions 168
Cycle Life 10,000 Cycles
Shock 50 g's (Condition A MIL-STD-1344, Method 2004/EIA364-27)
Vibration Random 11.6 g's RMS (Condition V PSD 0.1 MIL-STD-1344, Method 2005/EIA364-28)
Vibration Sine 15 g's (Condition III MIL-STD-1344, Method 2005/EIA364-28)
Temperature -55° C to 105° C

Product Summary
The i2 Micro iCon receiver is a one piece connector capable of holding up to 168 QuadraPaddle contacts. QuadraPaddle modules are molded on .100” (2.54 mm) centers to meet the need for high-density I/O in a compact assembly. This i2 receiver is made for crimp contacts. Accessories such as keying pin kits, protective covers, and strain relief are available.
Product Notes

For helpful advice from VPC engineers related to cable routing, recommended cable lengths and strain relief for your mass interconnect solution receiver, click here.

Part Number Description
310130102 Receiver, i2 Micro iCon, 168 Position, for Crimp Contacts
Accessories and Related Products
310113461 Keying Pin Kit, iSeries, Receiver and ITA
Accessory - i2
310113559 Strain Relief Plate, i2 Micro iCon, Receiver
Cable Assembly
410130409 Cable Assembly, ITA, i2 Micro iCon, QuadraPaddle, 36", Flying Leads
410130425 Cable Assembly, ITA, i2 Micro iCon, QuadraPaddle, 72", Double Ended
Contact - Receiver
610138216 Signal Contact, Receiver, QuadraPaddle, 5 Amp, 22-28 AWG, 30µ" Gold
410130101 ITA, i2 Micro iCon, 168 Position
410130106 ITA, i2 Micro iCon, 168 Position, with Oversized Backshell
410130202 ITA, i2 MX, 2 QuadraPaddle Module Inserts, Crimp, EMI Backshell
Mounting Panel
310113586 Mounting Panel, i2 Micro iCon, 6U, 6 Positions, with Slide Mounting (slide kit required)
Protective Cover
310113569 Protective Cover, i2 Micro iCon, Receiver
310130101 Receiver, i2 Micro iCon, 168 Position, Fully Loaded with Twin Female Contacts (610 138 200)
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