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410104331 - Product Details

Weight .75 lbs. [.34 kg]
Frame Material Chromated Aluminum
Available Module Slots 6
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
Temperature -55º C to 85º C
Max. Mating Force 630 lbs. [285.8 kg]

Part Number Description
410104331 ITA, G6, 6 Module
Accessories and Related Products
ITA Enclosure
410112401 Enclosure, 6 Module, 4" Deep with Hinge
Keying Pin Kit
310118112 Keying Pin Kit, Receiver/ITA
310104318 Receiver, G6, 6 Module, Keying Feature
310104419 Receiver, Two G6, 6 Module, with Slide Mounting (slide kit required)
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