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410112924 - Product Details

Material Antistatic Rubber

Product Summary
The ITA protective cover is designed to protect the contacts in your ITA when it is not engaged.
Part Number Description
410112924 Protective Cover, i2 Micro iCon, ITA
Accessories and Related Products
310113552 Protective Cover Accessory, Beaded Chain Kit
410130101 ITA, i2 Micro iCon, 168 Position
410130104 ITA, i2 Micro iCon, 120/12 Position Hybrid
410130106 ITA, i2 Micro iCon, 168 Position, with Oversized Backshell
410130114 ITA, i2 MX, EMI Backshell, with Cable Exit
410130116 ITA, i2 MX, 2 SIM Module Inserts, 22 Position, EMI Backshell
410130117 ITA, i2 MX, EMI Backshell, without Cable Exit
410130202 ITA, i2 MX, 2 QuadraPaddle Module Inserts, Crimp, EMI Backshell
410130204 ITA, i2 MX, 2 TriPaddle Signal/Micro Power and Micro Coax Module Inserts, EMI Backshell
410130205 ITA, i2 MX, QuadraPaddle Module Insert, Crimp/Micro Power and Micro Coax Module Insert, EMI Backshell
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