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410123101 - Product Details

Weight .65 lbs [.29 Kg]
without protective cover
Frame Material Nickel Plated Aluminum Alloy
Hardware Material Stainless Steel Alloy
Drive Unit Material Bronze and Stainless Steel
Plastic Components and Protective Cover Material Black Thermoplastic
Cable Clamp Material Powder Coated Aluminum
Available Module Slots 2 Positions
Cycle Life

10,000 Cycles

Shock 50 g's (Condition A MIL-STD-1344, Method 2004/EIA364-27)
Vibration Random 11.6 g's RMS (Condition V PSD 0.1 MIL-STD-1344, Method 2005/EIA364-28)
Vibration Sine 15 g's (Condition III MIL-STD-1344, Method 2005/EIA364-28)
Temperature -55° C to 125° C

Product Summary
The iCon ITAs small width and inboard handle increase the side to side stackability. The U-Shaped Cable clamp allows modules to be pre-wired before assembly and can hold cable bundles with an oblong bushing effective diameter of 1.21 in. The slide off cover allows easy access to wiring for maintenance and probing. Protective Cover included.
Product Notes

Review VPC's Cable Bundle Diameter Tech Tip for further information on cable bundles and cable clamps for iCon ITAs

Part Number Description
410123101 ITA, iCon, with Protective Cover
Accessories and Related Products
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Cable Assembly
410123593 Cable Assembly, ITA, iCon, QuadraPaddle, 36", Flying Leads
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Module - iCon/i1 ITA
510161101 Signal Module, ITA, QuadraPaddle, iCon, 160 Position
510161102 QuadraPaddle Signal / Mini Power and Mini Coaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 100/8 Position
510161103 TriPaddle Signal / Mini Power and Mini Coaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 64/8 Position
510161104 Mini Power or Mini Coaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 24 Position
510161106 Micro Power and Micro Coaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 40 Position
510161107 QuadraPaddle Signal / Micro Power and Micro Coaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 100/15 Position
510161108 Signal Module, ITA, TriPaddle, iCon, 96 Position
510161109 TriPaddle Signal / Twinaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 40/4 Position
510161110 Thermocouple Module, ITA, iCon, 96 Position
510161111 TriPaddle Signal / Micro Power and Micro Coaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 24/30 Position
510161114 Coaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 20/26 GHz and 75 Ohm HD, 18 Position
510161115 TriPaddle Signal / 20/26 GHz and 75 Ohm HD Coaxial Module, ITA, iCon, 64/8 Position
Protective Cover
410112750 Replacement Protective Cover, iCon, ITA
310123101 Receiver, iCon, with Protective Cover
310123103 Receiver, iCon, Reverse Module Configuration for iCon ITA Modules, with Protective Cover
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