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510170104 - Product Details

Product Summary
A small, modular PCB board that connects high speed digital inserts (VTAC) to a single USB 3.0 connector. Great for COTS cable configurations. Compatible with all VTAC/SIM receiver modules.

Part Number Description
510170104 PCB Adapter, Receiver, SIM, VTAC HSD, 5 Positions, to (1) USB 3.0
Accessories and Related Products
610151102 Blank Insert Kit, Receiver/ITA, SIM VTAC HSD, 10 Pieces
Module - Receiver
510170101 SIM Module, Receiver, 34 Position
PCB Adapter
510171104 PCB Adapter, ITA, SIM, VTAC HSD, 5 Positions, to (1) USB 3.0
910112130 Tool, Extraction, SIM, Receiver and ITA
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