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610102110 - Product Details

Characteristic Impedance 50 Ohms
Frequency Range DC to 26 GHz
Insertion Loss .06 x√f(GHz) dB
VSWR 1.15 + .01 (f) GHz w/ SF142 (20 GHz)
Operating Voltage & Current 5 Amps DC Max. Continuous
Dielectric Withstanding
Voltage (DWV)
800 V RMS Shield to center contact
1000 V RMS
Insulation Resistance 2000 MOhms Min.
Contact Body Shield – Brass
Center Conductor – BeCu
Contact Plating 30µ" Au over 100µ" Ni
Contact Termination Shield – Crimp
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Status Compliant
REACH Article 33 Status Compliant
ECHA Article 59 of Reach Regulation Compliant
AVG Mating Force (lbs.) 1.83

Product Summary
For applications where a more flexible cable is needed, use Flex 402 cable and our solder contact. Flex 402 cable has half the minimum bend radius as SF142. For situations where flexibility is not as important, we offer our crimp contact with SF142 cable.
Part Number Description
610102110 Coaxial Contact, ITA, 20/26 GHz, SF142B (90 Series modules only)
Accessories and Related Products
Contact - Receiver
610102109 Coaxial Contact, Receiver, 20/26 GHz, SF142B (90 Series modules only)
610102135 Coaxial Contact, Receiver, 20/26 GHz, 3.5MM, with SMA Adapter (90 Series modules only)
Module - ITA
510108179 Coaxial Module, ITA, 20/26 GHz, 75 Ohm and 75 Ohm HD, 32 Position
910101124 Tool, Crimp, 20/26 GHz Coaxial Contacts, Receiver and ITA
910112117 Tool, Extraction, 75 Ohm and 20/26 GHz Coaxial, Receiver and ITA
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