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610113145 - Product Details

Characteristic Impedance 50 Ohms
Operating Voltage and Current 3 amps max. continuous (480 RMS)
Contact Resistance Center contact is < 6.5 mOhms
Intermediate contact is < 3 mOhms
Outer contact is < 3.5 mOhms
Insertion Loss –0.044 dB @ 0.2 GHz
VSWR approximately 1.1:1 @ 100 MHz
Insulation Resistance 106 mOhms min.
Contact Body Outer Shell – brass inner Shield – bronze
Male Contact – brass
Contact Termination Conductors – solder
Shield – solder
Contact Plating 40 µ" Au over 130 µ" Ni
AVG Mating Force (lbs) 3.00

Product Summary
For increased reliability and to eliminate the need for polarization, the design of VPC’s Twinaxial contact consists of two concentric inner conductors for termination to the twisted pair, and an outer shield for termination of the cable shield.
Part Number Description
610113145 Twinaxial Contact, ITA
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