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VPC continues to develop new products to meet the various requirements of the test and measurement industry. As the world leader in test and measurement interconnects, VPC seeks to find solutions that provide the most economical method of organizing your connections in modular and scalable configurations. Applications range from the medical industry testing pacemakers to the Mil/Aero industry analyzing sophisticated missile guidance systems.
VPC welcomes all application articles and thanks those that have allowed VPC to highlight today's test technology.
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Series/Company Industry Article Title
25, 50, 75
National Technical Systems Aerospace NTS Integrates 9025 VXI in Test Carts for Boeing
G Systems Military Common Core ATE for Functional Testing
Astronics/DME Corporation Military 9025 VXI Integrated in VIPER/T Tester for US Marines
Averna Commercial Averna Benefits from the G12 Mass InterConnect
Konrad Technologies Aerospace Konrad Builds Tester for Avionics Industry, with G12
PWG Systems Commercial G12 Provides a Simple and Compact Interface for PWG Systems
ARC Technology Solutions Commercial ARC Technology Incorporates VPC's Sturdy and Reliable G12
LXinstruments Commercial LXinstruments Delivers Open Test Platform using Agilent LXI instruments and VPC G12 Mass InterConnect
G Systems Telecommunications WiMAX RF Functional Test System
WinSoft Inc. Military Land Warrior Project
6tl engineering, a division of SA Sistel Telecommunications 6tl's Video and Audio Intercom Test System
Bloomy Commercial Bloomy integrates VPC G12 to deliver a mixed-signal functional test platform
6TL Engineering Commercial 6TL Standard Test Platform
Digalog Systems, Inc. Commercial Digalog Systems Develops Series 2050, Using VPC 18 Module Interface
LXinstruments Automotive LXI Test Systems Provide Flexibility for Testing Automobile Antenna Amplifiers with VPC's G18
G2, G6, G10
Peritec Automotive Peritec Integrates G6 in Mixed Signal Multi IC Tester
Harris RF Communications Military Test Engineer of the Year Uses VPC's G2
WinSoft Inc. Telecommunications WinSoft - Radio Testing
Captronic Systems Commercial Captronic Systems Integrates i1 into Signal Conditioner Unit
Wisdom Test Commercial Environmental Standard Test Platform
Bloomy Commercial Battery Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) System
CACI Commercial Common Bench-top Automatic Test System (CBATS)
CableTest Aerospace CableTest Integrates iCon in Wiring Analyzer
JGB Consulting Commercial JGB Consulting Hoist ATE for Manufacturing
Benchmark Suzhou Electronics Benchmark Suzhou integrates iCons into PCB Test System
VI Technology Commercial iConEMI provides a Safe Connector for VI Technology
The Ohio State University Department of Astronomy Telecommunications Ohio State University's Department of Astronomy integrates iCon into World's Largest Telescope
Hiller Measurements Automotive Hiller Uses VPC Mass InterConnect for Automotive Testing
Marvin Test Solutions Military Preconfigured Platform for Functional Test Applications
Prevas Automotive Prevas integrates iCon and iCon960 in xMove test system
Fulitech Telecommunications Fulitech Uses iCon with Extended Handle
Robins Air Force Base Military Robins AFB Uses iCon in L-Shaped Enclosure in VDATS
Aeroflex Military Aeroflex Integrates iConEMI and 9025 in Reverse Module Configuration
JTAG Military JT 2147/VPC for Functional Testers
GEDIS GmbH Commercial GEDIS GT4000 Test System for Functional Test
S6 - Skeeter
VI Technology Commercial VI Technology Automated IC Characterization and Evaluation System
QMAX Commercial QMAX Integrates VPC's S6 into the Combination Board Tester
Barco Commercial Barco has chosen the Virginia Panel S6 (Skeeter) for their new Functional PCB Test Platform
Commercial A VPC Integrator Chooses VPC's Reliable 9025 VXI Interface
Symtx Military Symtx Integrates VPC's 9050 in VXI Test System