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G12 Provides a Simple and Compact Interface for PWG Systems

Category: G12
Company: PWG Systems
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

PWG Systems team developed the Castle_I Automated Test Station for the Electronic Component Test Branch of the Redstone Technical Test Center (RTTC) to serve as a Multi-Purpose Functional Test Station for DoD Electronic Assemblies and Sub-Systems utilized in missile and defense applications.

PWG Systems team utilized a MS Windows XP based, Pentium 4 PC using National Instruments' TestStand and LabVIEW for test control and the VPC G12 Receiver for its interconnection of its more than 1,500 interface points. The VPC G12 created a simple and compact interface for the end users that would be difficult to achieve using most other available products. The Castle_I Automated Test Station utilizes both high-speed instrumentation and programmable laboratory standards for its testing based on the GPIB, PCI, SCXI, Ethernet, RS-232 and PXI technologies.