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ARC Technology Incorporates VPC's Sturdy and Reliable G12

Category: G12
Company: ARC Technology Solutions
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

ARC's Mixed Signal Automated Test (MSAT) system highlights the latest in cost effective, high performance automated test equipment, yielding reduced test development time and lower cost of ownership. The MSAT is a highly integrated test system incorporating ARC's CID and VIPERION test products, along with a combination of VPC, National Instruments PXI, and other off the shelf test and measurement equipment. ARC has chosen the Virginia Panel G12 Receiver for its MSAT system due to its ability to interconnect to a variety of devices while offering a sturdy, reliable interface. Additionally ARC's VIPERION High Speed Digital Testers connect directly to the G12's QuadraPaddle connectors allowing for optimal testing conditions directly at the unit under test's connection to the MSAT. The VPC G12 incorporated into ARC's MSAT is currently fielded at several Government and Commercial locations supporting critical items for the aviation and defense sector.