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LXinstruments Delivers Open Test Platform using Agilent LXI instruments and VPC G12 Mass InterConnect

Category: G12
Company: LXinstruments
Industry: Commercial | Platform: LXI


LXinstruments, a leader in the development and deployment of customer-specific functional test solutions, has designed the instrument matrix architecture for Open Test Platform (OTP). In the past, if you needed a functional test system you had to choose between a complete custom solutiontypically integrated by a local system integratoror a standard, off-the-shelf application-centered system, typically delivered by an instrument vendor. Building custom solutions often involved major engineering effort and big expenditures, and the systems were sometimes hard to support and difficult to adapt for testing new products. The standard, application-centered systems often lacked flexibility and frequently relied on proprietary standards or software.
Today, you have another choice.

With instruments based on the LXI industry standard (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation), you can create a custom test system that is easy to build and support. With cable assemblies specific to each modular instrument used in the Agilent 34980A, as well as power and pneumatic connections, the VPC's G12 provides a reliable and repeatable interface designed to withstand over 20,000 mating and unmating cycles. The rugged platform provides a surface for any type of custom fixturing required for the DUT. VPC's innovative QuadraPaddle modules enable consolidation of as many as 192 signal points in a single receiver slot and 480 signal points in 2 receiver slots.