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WinSoft - Radio Testing

Category: G2, G6, G10
Company: WinSoft Inc.
Industry: Telecommunications | Platform: PXI

This WinSoft tester is used for military radio testing. It replaces a legacy three-bay tester with one-bay tester around a compact PXI RF modules from NI and a Virginia Panel interface. The interface allows the customer to test variety of radios by exchanging ITAs. The LabVIEW program enables a flexible adjustment for current and future radio models. The 1U WISE (WinSoft Instruments System Emulator), on top of the RF section, enables emulation of legacy instruments without any changes to the existing Test Program Set (TPS). The PXI chassis serves as a virtual instrument. The U.S. Navy saved more than six million dollars with this obsolesce technology. Additionally, this ATE solution reduces the space requirement, taking two bay spaces instead of six bay spaces.