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Land Warrior Project

Category: G12
Company: WinSoft Inc.
Industry: Military | Platform: PXI

This WinSoft tester is used for testing three PCBs simultaneously. The tester uses a combination of Rack Mount instruments from Agilent and PXI modules from NI, all connected via Virginia Panel interface to a custom fixture. The fixture and the Virginia Panel modules support mixed signals: RF, Digital and Analog.

The custom fixture enables probing the three PCB from both sides (top and bottom). These PCBs are used in the military Land Warrior project.

A complex LabVIEW application run the tests for two hours and injects signals via JTAG (boundary-scan) from Corelis.

Two testers were shipped to the customer production facility, in which more than 1000 PCBs were tested and loaded with firmware.