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Test Engineer of the Year Uses VPC's G2

Category: G2, G6, G10
Company: Harris RF Communications
Industry: Military | Platform: PXI

Gmitter Tester John Gmitter, of Harris RF Communications, has been named Test Engineer of the Year by Test and Measurement World magazine. This award comes as a result of Gmitter's hard work developing a new test system for Harris' military wireless communications. The need for a new, efficient, and high quality method of testing became apparent when Harris began producing, and testing, in higher volumes than ever before.

Tasked with developing this solution, Gmitter began investigating several options for a system that was required to test multiple units in a small space and would not occupy additional factory space. Virginia Panel Corporation's (VPC) mass interconnect products have been integrated in Harris' testers for years, but Gmitter had to explore his options. He chose the G2 because of its cabling efficiency and accessibility and the quality of the off-the-shelf product, which enabled him to plug and play without having to create custom assemblies or do a lot of wiring himself.

The tester Gmitter developed for Harris contains three PXI chassis with an extensive variety of connectors and test equipment. Each tester hold four VPC G2s, allowing testing of various products at one time.

Test and Measurement World profiled six outstanding engineers and asked the readers to choose the Test Engineer of the Year. John Gmitter was chosen for this award because of his leadership and ability to manage a geographically separated team, his ability to complete a monstrous task in limited time, and his ability to reduce costs and solve problems.

For the full-text of the article, "Test for the Digital Battlefield," from Test and Measurement World: http://www.tmworld.com/contents/pdf/6418015.pdf.