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Robins AFB Uses iCon in L-Shaped Enclosure in VDATS

Category: iCon
Company: Robins Air Force Base
Industry: Military | Platform: VXI

VDATS DA-2 TesteriCon and L-Shaped Enclosure

Test engineers at Robins Air Force Base used VPC's 9050 VXI, iCon and L-shaped enclosure in their Versatile Depot Automatic Test StationDigital Analog version 2 (VDATS DA-2), which is used to automatically test avionics circuit cards for the F15 fighter APG-63 system. The 9050 VXI receiver and ITA form the backbone of the tester. With a common I/O pin map, any number of groups can develop ITAs and Test Program Sets to utilize the VDATS tester, simplifying testing and procurement. VPC's L-shaped enclosure design is ideal for testing circuit cards because it allows the card to be mounted on a horizontal surface to prevent damage. One of the greatest challenges of the design for the interface test adapter (ITA) was to find the ideal connector for the unit under test. The ITA requires 308 electrical connections. The plan called for the use of 50 Ohm coaxial wire utilizing wire wrap, but the test engineers also wanted the option to use crimp technology if needed. Ease and speed of installation and removal was a high priority, as technicians would need to engage and disengage the connecting assembly frequently.

The test engineers chose Virginia Panel's iCon connector due to its extreme versatility; the connector offers a wide range of pin configuration and termination types. iCon's low insertion force and simple secure locking mechanism makes it one of the simplest connectors for technicians to install and remove. The project team also found VPC's support beneficial. During manufacturing, the project schedule began to slip. The project group turned to VPC to pre-wire their iCon, which enabled them to get back on schedule.


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