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Fulitech Uses iCon with Extended Handle

Category: iCon
Company: Fulitech
Industry: Telecommunications | Platform: Rack and Stack


Fulitech is an integrator and service partner for Agilent. Fulitech was subcontracted to create an environmental test fixture for one of the world's largest cell phone manufacturers in the top EMS site. The phones need to operate properly in environments from -40 degrees C to 70 degrees C, as well as humidity. The customer supplied a "Thermomoler," which would be used to conduct environmental tests on completed cell phones. There are two different types of Thermomoler—one can have 3 fixture/aluminum blocks and the other can have up to 12 fixtures. Each fixture can test five cellular phones at a time. So each Thermomoler can test 15-60 cellular phones.

The Thermomoler comes with Agilent test instrumentation. Fulitech was contracted to build a fixture within the customer's time frame. They opted to design and build two fixtures using iCon with an extended ITA handle, 500mm (18") long, which can test RF/coax up to 3 GHz.

Fulitech was especially impressed with VPC's quick lead time of 2 weeks for a new product. This enabled them to meet the customer's tight schedule requirements. Fulitech has since ordered two more iCons with the extended handle.

VPC now offers a 20 GHz iCon module to fulfill the needs for higher frequencies.