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6tl's Video and Audio Intercom Test System

Category: G12
Company: 6tl engineering, a division of SA Sistel
Industry: Telecommunications | Platform: PXI

Production Tester for video intercom modules

6tl engineering, a division of SA Sistel in Spain, developed an automated, integrated test system for production testing of video intercom modules. Before, engineers had to test and calibrate these boards manually, with operator dependent results, as the CRT calibration was made by means of the operator criteria. Now, a reliable, uniform and repetitive test is achieved. In addition, this tester provides an ITA with a double test position, so that when the first UUT is being changed, the second can be tested. In-circuit test and firmware upload time are compatible with functional test without extra cycle time consumption.

High frequency video signals, pneumatic, power and signal contacts are integrated into a Virginia Panel Corporation G12 receiver with 15" platform, which supports the heavy weight of the ITA. The G12 provides a reliable InterConnect interface between the test electronics and the UUT, positioned onto the double ITA.

Hardware used in the Video & Audio Intercom Test System includes a PXI chassis, two digital millimeters, a digitizer, a video generator and over 320 switching relays.