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iConEMI provides a Safe Connector for VI Technology

Category: iCon
Company: VI Technology
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

VI Technology Multimedia Test System

VI Technology uses the Virginia Panel iConEMI connector in its Multimedia Test System (MMTS). The Multimedia Test System is a fully-integrated measurement system that significantly reduces testing time for multimedia-capable devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes, smart phones, mobile devices, computers, and video game consoles. VI Technology designed the MMTS to be an all-in-one system that eliminates the need for stand-alone measurement devices. This provides test engineers with 4 main benefits:

•  Speed: The MMTS incorporates the latest test and measurement technology and is optimized to deliver the fastest measurements.
•  Scalability: The MMTS is based on off-the-shelf, modular instruments making it very scalable and adaptable to changing needs.
•  Throughput: The MMTS takes full advantage of the latest processor technology and leverages parallel resource usage enabling the test of up to 4 UUTs simultaneously.
•  Cost: Increased test performance and throughput coupled with the ability to be scalable makes the MMTS a cost effective solution in terms of initial investment as well as total cost of ownership.

The MMTS delivers all the measurement hardware and software necessary for testing the most common video and audio signals and digital protocols, which enables test engineers to configure the sequences and define the test parameters—without a need for programming. The MMTS can efficiently test up to four multimedia devices in parallel, using VPC's iConEMI, maximizing the testing throughput without sacrificing the quality or the speed of measurements. Using PXI, LabVIEW, and TestStand platforms, the MMTS enables the most efficient communications through tight timing, triggering, and synchronization mechanisms as well as native software routines designed especially for the available hardware. In addition, it includes all the necessary interfaces and functions to easily integrate with VI Technology's award winning Arendar Enterprise Test Software to provide engineers and managers instant access to design, characterization, validation, and verification, as well as manufacturing test information across the enterprise through automatic report generation and web-accessible customized dashboard.

VI Technology engineers chose Virginia Panel's iConEMI connector for the Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) protection it provides. The earth-ground terminal, VPC's "Mate First, Break Last" feature, prevents user shock and injury. Its EMI shielding effect is provided by stainless steel fibers in the removable plastic cover and a threaded metal coupling adapter. iConEMI provides a simple, easy to use connector, due to its low insertion force and secure locking mechanism.

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