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Prevas integrates iCon and iCon960 in xMove test system

Category: iCon
Company: Prevas
Industry: Automotive | Platform: PXI

Prevas XMove

Prevas is the Nordic design house for intelligent products, located in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. With over 500 software, electronics and mechanical engineers, Prevas designs and manufactures complete test solutions.

As an ISO 9001:2000 certified NI alliance member, Prevas solutions are based on solid partners and made to high quality standards. Prevas designs and builds advanced test systems, such as Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) systems. This technique is used to develop and test real-time embedded electronic systems used in the automotive industry. The shown Xmove application uses interchangeable interface boxes that combine general I/O, signal conditioning and loads with programmable fault injection.

To provide high flexibility combined with a high reliability, Prevas has chosen the VPC iCon and iCon960 range of connectors to connect these interchangeable boxes to their test system. The VPC iCon is a high quality connector configurable with general I/O, Power, Coaxial, Pneumatic and POF contacts (for detecting light only), maintaining a high reliability for over 5000 mating and un-mating cycles.

For more information visit www.prevas.com/tsd or www.vpc.com/icon