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Konrad Builds Tester for Avionics Industry, with G12

Category: G12
Company: Konrad Technologies
Industry: Aerospace | Platform: PXI

Konrad Technologies, based in Radolfzell, Germany, has developed a universal and fully configurable functional test system for a subcontractor in the avionics industry. This test system will conduct both stress testing and screen tests of the UUT. During testing, the system controls a climate chamber and the complete test environment to obtain realistic evaluative results. These systems are being used by a growing number of customers in the avionics industry.

Konrad chose to incorporate VPC's G12 because of the flexibility, high quality, and reliability of our products, in addition to good signal integrity. VPC interfaces are accepted and adopted as a standard by many customers from Konrad GmbH in the area of avionics. The G12 and other carefully selected components of this test system ensure that it is open to future expansion.

For more information, visit www.konrad-technologies.de