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Preconfigured Platform for Functional Test Applications

Category: iCon
Company: Marvin Test Solutions
Industry: Military | Platform: PXI

Marvin Test Solutions is a provider of test and measurement hardware, application development software, integration services and turnkey systems for the electronics industry. A full service provider of PXI hardware, software and systems, Marvin Test Solutions offers a wide range of products and solutions used worldwide in factory, depot, and field test applications. Since 1988, Marvin Test Solutions has provided our customers with T&M components and systems for military, aerospace, semiconductor, communications, medical, and industrial applications.


Based on customer and market needs, Marvin Test Solutions developed a preconfigured, standard test platform that offers users a compact, configurable, and application ready, functional test system that can address a wide range of test applications. The GBATS (Marvin Test Solutions's Basic Automated Test System) TS-775 is based on Marvin Test Solutions's GX7102 3U/ 6U PXI compact combination chassis which requires only 6U of rack space and can be mounted in a rack or used for benchtop applications. The GBATS platform offers the flexibility of a custom functional test system without the cost and lead time normally associated with these types of systems. The basic system comes preconfigured with Virginia Panel Corporation's iCon960—making the system ideal for supporting both card level and box level products such as LRU, sub-system assemblies, and system level assemblies. The platform is designed to accept an optional iCon interface (as shown) for applications that require additional power, RF or general purpose connections to the UUT. The GBATS platform is also available with Marvin Test Solutions's ATEasy software, which provides an integrated and complete test executive and test development environment, allowing users to quickly develop and easily maintain test applications.

To achieve the flexibility of a custom system while maintaining a cost effective solution, a high density, PCB interface board was developed that offers a direct interface to the iCon receiver. This PCB interface offers an easy and standard method to connect the PXI system's resources to the iCon receiver. The GBATS core system includes an embedded controller, switch cards, a dual channel 300 watt user supply, a 6.5 digit DMM and a multi-function digital/analog card, which supports fixture ID and analog source/measure functionality. Additional functionality is available by selecting from over 10 different standard instrumentation options for avionics, digital, analog, and switching applications. Each of these options is supplied with the necessary interface cable and is accessible at the iCon receiver via predefined interface pins. The system also comes with a system self-test and fixture, providing a complete, compact, and application-ready test system.