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Aeroflex Integrates iConEMI and 9025 in Reverse Module Configuration

Category: iCon
Company: Aeroflex
Industry: Military | Platform: PXI


Aeroflex High Speed Test Solutions, in Powell, OH, produces synthetic high speed test and measurement systems for RF and microwave applications. Aeroflex recently integrated VPC's iConEMI and 9025 on a new SMART╦ćE 5000 series RF tester for a military customer. The electronic equipment requires two 19" rack bays. VPC's 9025 serves as the main interface for product testing; the iConEMI's are used to interface hundreds of signals between the two rack bays via the 9025. VPC built the custom cable assemblies to broker these signals.

Due to the high current moving from the secondary rack into the main rack through the 9025, Aeroflex engineers opted to use a special version of the iConEMI. VPC and Aeroflex engineers worked together to reverse the iConEMI ITA and receiver modules, which switches the orientation of the contacts. As a result, the flow of high current signals now stops at the connector containing recessed female contacts. This reduces the chance of electrical shock from exposed pins.