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Bloomy integrates VPC G12 to deliver a mixed-signal functional test platform

Category: G12
Company: Bloomy
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

Bloomy Universal Test System with VPC G12

Bloomy Controls Universal Test System is a modular platform for mixed-signal functional testing utilized across a wide range of industries including electronics, semiconductor, alternative energy and medical devices. The system architecture leverages standard Bloomy designs, COTS hardware such as the National Instruments PXI platform, a mass interconnect, and customized test fixtures (ITAs) and software. Additional system features and options are available to ensure a complete automation solution is delivered. Some of these options include system self-test capabilities, data management, custom reporting, system calibration, and validation. The Universal Test System provides the capability of testing products throughout their lifecycle, from research and design, to validation and verification, to manufacturing.

Bloomy chose to standardize on VPCs G12 Mass InterConnect due to its connection reliability, flexibility to connect various PXI cards, and its ruggedized frame. G12s interconnect supports a high density mix of I/O including power, digital and analog signals, and coaxial contacts, allowing Bloomy to rapidly configure systems to meet customers test requirements. G12s ability to accommodate multiple ITAs creates inherent system flexibility, making the Universal Test System ideal for testing multiple products on one platform.

Through the use of standard instrumentation and a configurable mass interconnect, Bloomy is able to reduce overall cost of ownership by providing an automation solution which lends itself to rapid test development and future scalability for next generation product testing. To learn more, visit www.bloomy.com/universal.