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Averna Benefits from the G12 Mass InterConnect

Category: G12
Company: Averna
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

The FTS-200 Mixed-Signal Functional Test System Platform is an integrated system that can be used to test common electronic device functions using state-of-the-art measurement hardware, test fixtures and test execution software. It can be modified to fit a wide range of functional test applications from high-volume printed circuit board testing to medical device validation.

The system includes common measurement devices such as a digital multimeter, digitizer, arbitrary waveform generator and digital pattern generator and can handle additional modules for future expandability.

Using these instruments in conjunction with a switch matrix, a wide range of measurements can be performed at multiple test points. To minimize the cabling to the switch matrix and to maintain the integrity of the signal path, Averna is using a custom-designed switch interface board.

The mass-interconnect interface provides a standard connectivity from the unit under test (UUT) to the instrumentation hardware making it possible to test different devices with one test system. Bed-of-nails UUT fixtures can be interchanged with validation fixtures to execute production tests or system validation.

Features Benefits
" High-performance PXI modular instrumentation from National Instruments.
- Mass-interconnect interface allows many different devices to be tested using a single test system.
- Small system footprint with ergonomic design ideally suited for production facilities.
- Reduced cabling through the use of standard connectors and a custom switch interface.
- Commercial off-the-shelf modules integrated together as a complete turnkey system.
- Reduced time to develop new functional testers since only the fixture needs to be built.
- Reduced capital cost in deploying testers, as test hardware can be re-used for multiple products.
- Extended system life cycle due to the system's modular approach and the use of off-the-shelf components.
- Reduced risk by using components from industry leading vendors such as National Instruments