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NTS Integrates 9025 VXI in Test Carts for Boeing

Category: 25, 50, 75
Company: National Technical Systems
Industry: Aerospace | Platform: VXI

NTS Engineering Services (NTS-ES), located in Albuquerque NM, offers world-class solutions in the development of Automated Test Equipment, Data Acquisition and Control Systems. NTS-ES provides solutions to complex problems including reverse engineering legacy systems to build new systems, end of the line test, distributed control systems, RF Record and Playback, and factory automation.

NTS-ES fabricated, assembled, tested, and delivered three portable test carts for the Boeing 747-8 ATE Program and ten portable test carts for the 777 ATE Program. The Boeing 747-8 Power On Test Cart is pictured here. This build-to-print project required an Interface Test Adapter Assembly (ITA) / Mass Interconnect, constructed with Virginia Panel 9025 VXI components. The mass interconnect included VPC ITA modules, receiver modules, contacts, connectors and cover panels. The 9025 VXI mass interconnect system is integrated with PXI components from National Instruments, GE Fanuc, and Ballard.

Use of VPC hardware provided simple and reliable connectivity solutions, and is much easier to work with than military style cannon connectors. Passenger safety and performance of the 747 and 777 aircraft are serious commitments, and VPC provides the rugged and modular components that Boeing and NTS can rely on.