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6TL Standard Test Platform

Category: G12
Company: 6TL Engineering
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

6TL Engineering, located in Castellar del Vall├Ęs, Spain, is a division of S.A. Sistel, building electronic test system solutions.

The 6TL-29 is a redesign of the popular 6TL-32-0 model. In the 6TL-29 design, the touch screen has been moved from the top rack outside of the system, leaving a larger operational space. The system is a compact, transportable, and modular platform, fully customizable and integration ready. The system is available with an optional height adjustable interface table for optimal ergonomics. It can also be equipped with 6TL's new Flipper Unit in combination with a safety curtain feature and new Man Machine Interface (MMI) to get a highly advanced test platform. The 6TL-29 is compact and due to its reduced footprint can be integrated easily in any production line. It is ideal for High-Mix Low-Mid Volume production environments.

6TL engineers chose VPC's horizontal platform solutions, G12 and G12x, as the standard mass interconnect interface for the 6TL-29.