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Common Bench-top Automatic Test System (CBATS)

Category: iCon
Company: CACI
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

The CACI Common Bench-top Automatic Test System (CBATS) testers are universal, full-featured, stand alone systems test products. The units are packaged in a small footprint and are capable of supporting diagnostic and acceptance test requirements for a wide assortment of avionics instrumentation, flight computers, and other electronic assemblies with application for both civil and military aerospace vehicles.

The CBATS testers are designed to allow customer specialization of end item testing with unique Test Program Set (TPS) products independently developed for each specific end item Unit Under Test (UUT) application. While the CBATS tester system is common, each end item TPS has unique interface requirements as well as its own test procedures that require distinct software and interface cables, plus other unique physical interfaces that may have to be addressed as a part of the TPS. Table 1 provides a list of features of the Model 101 and 201 CBATS testers.

CACICACI engineers chose to standardize on VPC InterConnect Solutions for connection to the UUT based on quality, support and a strong working relationship. CACI engineers have had previous experience with VPC products and support and have been pleased with the quality and result. VPC showed versatility and willingness to work with CACI to provide a solution to the specific design concerns the CBATS systems provided. CACI engineers opted to work with VPC due to VPC's status as a market leader in digital/system interface integration and the previous business partnerships the two companies have maintained.

CACI engineers integrated VPC's iCon, G6 and G10 solutions in CBATS. iCon allowed CACI engineers to merge three high density circular connectors into one, for access to all test system resources thereby simplifying cable design requirements to the UUT. iCon is configurable with different insert arrangements in the event that future designs are required. G6 and G10 were chosen based on the total signal mapping requirements from instrumentation and the ability to support multiple pin module configurations.

Table 1. CBATS Functional Test Capabilities


Model 101

Model 201

PXI slot-0 Chassis Controller

Switching Capability (Signal and Power)

High-Speed Digital Multi-meter

Data Acquisition (AI/AO/DIO Channels)

Programmable Voltage Outputs

Counter/Timer Functions

Programmable DC Outputs (8 channels)


Programmable DC Outputs (3 channels)


Adjustable 400 HZ AC Power (Single Phase)

Programmable 0-28VAC Synchro Outputs (115 VAC Ref)

Programmable 0-28VAC Synchro Outputs (26 VAC Ref)


FPGA Module w/Analog & Digital I/O


Differential Instrumentation Amplifier (2 Channels)


High-Speed Digitizer (Oscilloscope)


Fixed +28 VDC Power


Multiple External USB expansion ports

Automated Self-test software and hardware adapters

Calibration software