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JGB Consulting Hoist ATE for Manufacturing

Category: iCon
Company: JGB Consulting
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

JGB Consulting is an Automatic Test Equipment integrator headquartered in Point Pleasant, NJ. JGB designs COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) Automatic Test Systems and Test Software.

JGB engineers have integrated VPC's iCon connector into their Hoist ATE. The Hoist tester is designed to test and verify the functionality of various hoist models built at a manufacturing/repair facility. The Hoist ATE utilizes the iCon connector to connect one of the 38 Hoists (8 different families) to be tested. The iCon connects high power & high current as well as digital signaling to the hoist. Each cable has a memory key in the iCon backshell which uniquely identifies the connected unit. The tester senses it on contact and automatically loads the correct software to run, making it fool proof for the operator.


JGB Consulting Hoist ATE