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JT 2147/VPC for Functional Testers

Category: Pull-Thru
Company: JTAG
Industry: Military | Platform: PXI

JTAG JT 2147

The JT 2147/VPC is a variant of the JTAG Technologies QuadPOD signal conditioning interface specifically designed for use within Virginia Panel Corporation's Mass InterConnect interface. The unit integrates both the JT 2148 transceiver circuitry, two independent, programmable TAP modules (of type JT 2149) and two TAP modules with I/O (of type JT 2149/MPV) on a single board that interfaces via the VPC QuadraPaddle 90 Series modules/

Based on the highly successful "QuadPod" architecture from JTAG Technologies, the JT 2147/VPC has been specifically designed for connection into G20x or G14x 192 pin QuadraPaddle connectors and is also compatible with the VPC pull thru system. By integrating the JT 2147/VPC, test system builders will greatly simplify their wiring task and, at the same time, retain the excellent signal integrity assured by the QuadPods active interface.

The VPC adapters utilize standard QuadraPaddle connector modules, providing a wide variety of contact types. The connection between the PXI(e) instrument and receiver module is accomplished using either a passive printed circuit board, active signal condition module (as with the JT 2147/VPC) or flex circuit, with each providing optimum connectivity performance while reducing wiring cost.

High quailty, high-reliability functional test systems for mil/aero, telecoms/datacoms and automotive applications.