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Strain Relief Plates

The purpose of using a strain relief plate is to protect your investment. There is a potential for damage to occur around the area of wire termination. Forces are exerted on the wire terminations every time the cables are plugged, unplugged, or put under any tension or compression. These strain relief plates are designed to absorb the majority of the forces put on the cables and ensure that the terminations stay intact. Each plate has numerous holes positioned to allow a variety of wire spacing and management options. The wires are attached to the holes by tie wraps, which tightly secures the wires without causing damage. The result is accurate functioning of your equipment without the worry of possible intermittences.

Part Number Description
Strain Relief Plates
510 109 116 Strain Relief Plate for Select Receiver Modules
510 109 338 Strain Relief Plate for 160 pin DIN VXI Connectors
510 109 348 Strain Relief Plate for QuadraPaddle 480 Position Receiver Modules
510 109 349 Strain Relief Plate for QuadraPaddle 192 Position Receiver Modules
510 109 296 Strain Relief Plate for ITA Modules
510 109 298 Strain Relief Plate for Receiver Modules
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