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VPC has developed a reliable and effective solution for your HD video needs. Our iCon HD Solution enables quick connections. Able to accept up to 36 HD contacts in a single connector, the solution significantly reduces set up time. iCon has an innovative engagement mechanism with spring-loaded locking tabs and built-in lubrication that secures your connection with a quick ½ turn of the handle. The engagement mechanism and recessed non-stubbing contacts ensure a quick and easy connect and disconnect.

VPC's 75 Ohm HD coaxial contacts are gold-plated for signal integrity and reliability. Using Belden 1855A sm59/u and 1694 A/F cables, VPC will provide your complete connector solution. VPC's iCon HD Solution is ideal for your HD routing and switching needs. 
 iCons installed on 1U mounting plate iCon HD One iCon for 36 BNC HD connections to router iCon connector iCon HD Flyer
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