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Learn More about Wire+ Options


When choosing the VPC Wire+ solution to work with your test instrumentation, you may be presented with options for Pull Thru, PCB, and Wire. Read on to learn how to choose:

Cable Assembly Solutions provide engineered,
finished, and quality tested cable assemblies
to connect directly into your test instrumentation.
Using wire enables system flexibility to access and
maintain your setup. Contacts are individually
replaceable and your I/O can be modified by adding,
removing, or relocating patchcords. Custom cables can also
be engineered to combine multiple instruments into one receiver module – Contact your local sales team member to find out how.


TriPaddle   Signal Connection for higher amperage needs. TriPaddle is rated
up to 10 Amps.

QuadraPaddle   Signal Connection for higher density needs. QuadraPaddle is rated
up to 5 Amps.


PCB Adapters offer the convenience of flexibility and the benefit of performance in a lower cost solution. VPC PCB adapters are available in both TriPaddle and QuadraPaddle formats. They allow you to incorporate double ended COTS cables for reduced wiring and ease of integration. VPC offers a wide array of common PXI connectors such as Ribbon Cable Connectors, VHDCI, and SCSI. PCB Adapters are also available in the iSeries formats for low I/O applications (i2 Micro iCon shown on right).


Pull thru adapter solutions should be selected for systems in which a pull thru receiver is being used. Visit our Pull-Thru solutions page to see what VPC offers. Haven't picked a receiver yet? Contact your local sales team member to assist in selecting the right system for your application.