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The interface between the test platform and the Unit Under Test (UUT) is one of the most important parts of each test system for reliability, flexibility and modularity.

VPC G12 with 6TL YAV BoardsOne bad contact means that the tester cannot take a measurement correctly resulting in unwanted rejects and inconsistency in the test results, leading to less production throughput. Therefore, 6TL Engineering only builds test systems with Mass Interconnect solutions from VPC.

6TL Engineering created a true modular concept around the VPC interface solutions resulting in a very efficient way of building a base test platform. Each module has its own intelligence and is connected to all other modules via CanBus. Due to the CanBus we minimize wiring inside the tester. Each module has its own LabView/teststand drivers but can also be easily controlled by any other software platform.

Each base tester is built to minimize signal paths, expensive cabling and cable length by integrating many of the standard functionality directly into the VPC Interface, maintaining the flexibility to add any third party PXI, VXI, LXI, etc. instrumentation to this 6TL Engineering base concept. 

With the powerful cable solutions from VPC between these third party instruments and the VPC interface, we are able to maintain this modularity throughout the entire system. This concept enables 6TL Engineering to offer a true flexible, plug and play, base tester platform that can serve as the ideal base for each testing challenge, from table top to free standing and full in-line, modular all the way.

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6TL Engineering, a division of S.A. Sistel, builds electronic test system solutions.


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Part Number Description
VPC Systems Integrated in 6tl Systems
310 104 325 Receiver, G12, 12 Module, with 15" Platform, for Slide Mount (slide kit required)
410 104 322 ITA, G12, Front Mount, 12 Module with Protective Cover
310 104 386 Receiver, G12x, 18 Module, with 15" Platform, for Slide Mount (slide kit required)
410 104 474 ITA, G12x, Front Mount, 18 Module
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