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CLICK™ InterConnect System

CLICK Interface Devices
  • Two Piece ID/Housing slides apart for easy assembly, inspection and maintenance.
  • Cover can be removed while ID is engaged to Receiver.
  • Cable Clamp configurable for large and small bundles.
Vertical Hinged Mounting Frames
  • Vertical Hinged Mounting Frames make it easy to access your instrument chassis
  • No unplugging all wires and cables to troubleshoot
  • Quick locking latches allow easy open and closing motions
TAC Discrete Wired Connector Modules
  • VPC's patented Twin Access Contact (TAC™) is designed to mate directly with a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) on both sides of the contact. The TAC™ features double-ended wiping action that will not damage the contact pads on the PCB.
  • Wiring Contacts are used to discrete wire TAC™ contacts. Available in Signal, Coaxial and Power, the Wiring Contacts are used in ID and/or Receiver Wiring Modules.