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Custom Enclosures and Wired Systems

VPC offers a variety of options to customize our standard enclosures to meet your application needs. Here you will find the many options we provide such as cutouts, secondary connectors, silk screening, engraving, and much more. Contact our field applications team for assistance in designing an enclosure to meet your application needs.

Wire Capability

VPC's wiring and manufacturing teams have the capability to completely assemble your custom wired system.

G12 Wired Enclosure Diagram

Wire List TemplateStreamline your wiring request and reduce testing and engineering times with our Wiring Template.

Click here to download template.

Custom Enclosures

VDATS TesterVPC’s highly reliable ITAs mount directly to an enclosure for housing your wiring and unit under test (UUT). This enclosure can be customized to fit your application dependent testing requirements. VPC offers custom cut-outs for accommodating secondary connectors and custom silk screening to guarantee quick and fail-safe identification of test lines. Hinged or removable covers can be added to any side of your enclosure to provide quick and easy access inside.

VDATS ITA and Secondary Connector

Different manufacturing methods are available for creating your quality enclosure. VPC offers enclosures in both deep drawn and sheet metal sides that can be welded together. Various handle options are available, including: recessed pocket, folding, recessed folding, and wide rectangular.

Many enclosure accessories are available such as protective covers that prevent any damage to your pins and adapter plates for making your solution scalable.