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G18 Hinged Frame Configuration

The 18 Module system is the ideal InterConnect solution for 18 slot PXI chassis’. This high-density InterConnect can simultaneously engage up to 4,320 signal contacts. The adaptable G18 integrates a wide variety of I/O options in various module configurations. The contacts are incorporated into cable assemblies for specific instruments. The Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame is suitable for rack or chassis mount applications and offers quick access to resources and cables.

G18 Exploded View
  1. ITA Enclosure
  2. ITA Patchcords
  3. ITA Module
  4. G18 ITA
  1. Cable Assembly
  2. Receiver Module
  3. Receiver Patchcords
  4. G18 Receiver
  1. Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame
  2. Rack With Instruments
Part Number Description
310 120 101 Receiver, G18, 18 Module for Discrete Wiring
310 120 102 Receiver, G18, 18 Module with Flush Hangers
310 120 168 Receiver, G18, 18 Module, EMI Gasket

Consult VPC for assistance in maximizing your system performance. Review the VPC Design Guide for helpful guidance in designing your system.

Extended handle sizes are available upon request. Please contact VPC if you need a non-standard handle size.

410 120 111 ITA, G18, 18 Module
410 112 527 Enclosure, 18 Module, Hinged Cover Plate, 4" Deep
NOTE: If you do not see an enclosure that meets your needs, please contact VPC for a quote on a custom enclosure. To view enclosure customization options click here.
Mounting Frames
310 113 322 Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, G18, 5U
310 113 328 Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, G18, 9U
Protective Covers
310 113 327 Protective Cover, G18, Receiver
410 112 541 Protective Cover, G18, ITA
310 113 371 Chassis Mount Kit for Pickering 40-908, 40-914, 40-918
310 113 417 Chassis Mount Kit for National Instruments Chassis (PXI-1044/1045/1065/1085 and PXIe-1065/1075)
310 113 589 Chassis Mount Kit for Agilent M9018A Chassis
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