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In a cooperative effort, GEDIS and VPC engineering and sales teams have designed a custom pull-thru interface for GEDIS' GT4000 test system family. The GD20x interface offers 20 module slots for cPCI/PXI cards, plus 2 exchangeable pull-thru cartridges for DUT specific extension. Additionally, up to 12 VPC 90 Series modules can be mounted, offering flexible access to internal system busses or external components via the rear I/O interfaces of the test system. The ITA mates wirelessly to ensure the highest signal quality and reliability.

The GT4000 test system is a future-proof platform for functional, in-circuit, and boundary scan test based on GEDIS' GXITechnology.

With its wide range of high quality standardized connectors, VPC solutions enable rapid and easy connection of the GT4000 instrumentation to the fixture. From pre-wired cable assemblies to innovative PCB adapter cards that allow the use of commercially available double-ended cables, VPC solutions enable rapid connection of instrumentation to devices under test.

VPC works closely with GEDIS to provide the best InterConnect solution for their instruments. Below is a listing of VPC components for supporting the GT4020 ITA. For a complete list, please visit the Wire+ Configurator.
Part Number Description
VPC Components for the GT4020 Test System (pictured above)
510 150 115 Signal Module, Receiver, QuadraPaddle, 192 Position, Wire Crimp, Unloaded
510 160 101 Signal Module, Receiver, QuadraPaddle, iCon, 160 Position, for Crimp Contacts
510 160 102 QuadraPaddle Signal / Mini Power and Mini Coaxial Module, Receiver, iCon, 100/8 Position
510 104 134 Signal Module, Receiver, TriPaddle, 64 Position
510 104 120 Mini Coaxial Module, Receiver, 19 Position
610 138 216 Signal Contact, Receiver, QuadraPaddle, 5 Amp, 22-28 AWG, 30µ" Gold
610 104 114 Mini Coaxial Contact, Receiver, RG316
610 104 141 Mini Coaxial Contact, Receiver, RG178
610 116 112 Mini Power Contact, Receiver, 65 Amp, 8 AWG, 50µ" Gold
610 110 101 Signal Contact, Receiver, TriPaddle, 7 Amp, 20-24 AWG, 30µ" Gold
610 110 167 Signal Contact, Receiver, TriPaddle, 7 Amp, 26-28 AWG, 30µ" Gold
610 110 177 Signal Contact, Receiver, TriPaddle, 10 Amp, 14-18 AWG, 30µ" Gold
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