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Linktron Suzhou

Linktron Suzhou designs and builds high quality solutions for test. Standard test solutions range from production test, laboratory test, industrial and automation test.

(right) Linktron Body Control Module (BCM) test stand simulates loads to achieve various tests, including continuity, analog input, digital input, relay output, and SCI output. VPC's G18 mass interconnect solution is integrated into the PXI test station for efficient connection of the unit under test.

(below) Linktron Automotive Radio Test System integrates VPC G18 to test a range of AM/FM radios, CD bluetooth radio players, and navigation radios.

Automotive Radio Test

BCM Test stand














Linktron Demo at Tradeshow

VPC has co-marketed with Linktron at tradeshows in China. Here, an example of a demo displaying a Linktron tester with VPC 9025 interface.


Part Number Description
VPC Interfaces Integrated in Linktron Systems
310 104 114 Receiver, 9025, 25 Module, Single Tier
410 104 111 ITA, 9025, 25 Module, Single Tier
310 120 101 Receiver, G18, 18 Module for Discrete Wiring
410 120 111 ITA, G18, 18 Module
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