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Wiring Solutions for Pickering

VPC offers a wide range of Mass InterConnect options for Pickering Interfaces’ comprehensive line of PXI products. Regardless of chassis and instrument combinations, VPC has an InterConnect solution ideal for any Pickering application.

From pre-wired cable assemblies to innovative PCB adapter cards that allow use of commercially available double-ended cables, VPC solutions enable rapid connection of instrumentation to devices under test. VPC receivers are available in 2, 6, 10, 12, and 18 module positions (as well as larger sizes) to accommodate any Pickering chassis configuration, whether in rack mount or table top applications.

VPC works closely with Pickering to provide the best InterConnect solution for their PXI instruments.

Many PXI instruments use standard SCSI or VHDCI connectors. VPC has universal PCB adapters which allow SCSI or VHDCI connectors to be connected to one QuadraPaddle module. They can be connected to the instrument with VPC's COTS cables or those available from the instrument manufacturer.

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  1. *For a complete list, please visit the Wire+ Configurator at www.vpc.com/wire_plus/configurator