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Frequently Asked Questions

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VXI I am wondering what I would need to get the 90 series receiver and mounting equipment onto a Agilent E1401B C-size VXI Mainframe in a 19" Standard Chassis. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Interchangeable Test Adapters (ITAs) Does VPC specify a maximum weight on ITA enclosures/fixtures that Receivers will support?
90 Series For the 2-tier series 90 interface, what weight/moment should not be exceeded for the interface device. I assume it would be greater that the 25 pounds at 6 inches recommended in another FAQ (for a single tier receiver).
90 Series Should all the protective covers of Receivers & ITA be removed when Receivers & ITA are in use? Are the protective covers used only for protecting Receivers & ITA from being hit and damaging any pins?
90 Series Are the blank modules panels that do not have a bend in them (part number 510 104 178) available? Also, do the mounting screws come with the blank modules? What is the part number to replace them (they are shorter than the ones provided with the connector)?
Receivers I am not sure you adopt metric unit or other unit in drawings in your technical documents. For example,how long or wide does 5.61 stand for? thanks for help
PXI What is CompactPCI?
90 Series I lost a mounting screw for part number 510104203. Sad as it may sound, I don't know what size it is or where to get a replacment.
30 Series ARINC Can 310105110 work with Agilent Technology E8401A VXI mainframe?
30 Series ARINC What crimp tools do you use to crimp these contacts and are there any instructions on how to use them?
90 Series Question has to do with the all the following modules. 510104128, 510108140, 510104139, 510108148. These modules have a PCB that goes to a ribbon cable connector. What is the part number for the mating ribbon cable connector?
90 Series What is the standard preventative maintenance cleaning procedure for the 90 Series interface pins and receptacles?
Contacts/Patchcords What crimp tool do I use with power contacts?
90 Series What is the dimension from the mounting surface of a Series 90 receiver (310104176) to the mounting surface of a Series 90 ITA (410104147) when they are fully mated?
PXI What is PXI?
PXI Do you offer any pre-wired cable assemblies for PXI instruments?
Misc. What is a Mass InterConnect?
VXI What is VXI?
Misc. What are the payment options? Can I fax an order? Do I have to talk to my sales rep. or can I call VPC directly?
Interchangeable Test Adapters (ITAs) We are using your 90-series for a few applications. One upcoming job requires 2 90-series in one cabinet. Is there a way to "key" the ITA/receivers so they can not be mixed up?
Misc. What are your credit policies?
VXI What do I need to integrate my VXI system?
VXI Why would I put an Interlocking Receiver on the front of a VXI mainframe?
VXI Which VXI mainframes will the Receiver adapt to?
VXI How do I bring in outside cables?