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I am wondering what I would need to get the 90 series receiver and mounting equipment onto a Agilent E1401B C-size VXI Mainframe in a 19" Standard Chassis. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The Agilent 1401B Mainframe complies with the VXI plug & play specification. There are 2 options for mounting a VPC RCVR. The 1st is using VPC's 310104127 RCVR. To attach this RCVR to the mainframe you will need VPC's Plug & Play plate 310113248. You will also need to buy the optional rack mount kit, for Plug & Play from Agilent, to mount the 310113248 plate.
The 2nd option would be to use VPC's RCVR 310104114 directly to the 19" rack or use a VPC Vertical Hinged Mounting frame 310113316 with the 310104114 to allow the RCVR to be hinged down.